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The Pleiadean Experiment

It has been 25 years since the galaxies of Amada and Oberon were invaded by Lacertians. The Pleiadean refugees living on Beta Cancari, decided to explore and hopefully locate other refugees from other planets in their once home galaxies. They have crude information concerning a mythical planet in the white Galaxy (The Milky Way). They discover the mythical plane, Tiamat (Earth) and to their surprise discover a handful of refugees living on Tiamat.

The discovery becomes the catalyst for uniting other long-lost refugees. The unification becomes more urgent when the Pleiadean explorers discover on their return journey, their new home planet had been attacked. They also learn the importance of Earth/Tiamat for the future existence of all human kind across the universe. And that began over 600,000 years ago as a Pleiadean Experiment.

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